Misty-eyed, Dorris pushed herself up the three dark flights of stairs. This next was
going to be hard. Leaden-footedly she finally reached Dr. Rider's laboratory door. Dorris
greeted him with a nobly attempted smile and, "Dr. Rider, -- have you -- heard the news?"

    "No, I don't believe so. What news?"

    "Dr. Rider, -- you -- you mean you --- haven't heard?"

    "Heard?---", be began, but stopped in consternation at ordinarily dancing eyes now
brimming with tears; at laughing lips now drooped and quivering.

    "I lost my job," she choked, thrusting her hands behind her and wandering
nervously about. "Miss Cloe just told me I was taken off my SRE job with you."

    "Dorris! you can't mean that. Why -- why would they do that?" Dr. Rider broke
the silence after what seemed eons to blue, heart-broken Dorris.

    "But Mr. Turby told me too. He said there must be two girls dropped and I __ I
guess I was the goat."

    "But, Girl," exploded Dr. Rider, "I can't have you quit work. Why -- I'd leave this
work undone before I'd let someone else do it. Why'd they have to drop my girl; why
didn't they drop someone who wasn't doing such special work?"

    "Darn It! I don't want to have to stop my work up here either," declared Dorris,
vainly attempting to choke back those lumps that just would rise in her throat. And then,
after a number of quick, nervous turns: "Oh rats! I don't like to feel about ready to bawl."

Dorris Willows
English 2 - 11

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