"Er-ah, maybe you want to see how the car runs and rides before deciding whether
to buy it or not? I'll just drive it out into the country." With shoulders hunched and those
two black beads stuck deep in his face fairly darting hither and yon, he headed for the

    Once on a lonely road, he turned to me: "Maybe you should drive now."

    I nodded in assent, "Very well, but I'm afraid I don't know the parts of this car.
Will you tell me, first, what is what?"

    "Well, er-ah, this is the-the choke -- no, I guess it must be the lights. Yes, its the
lights. This pedal is the cut-out. Oh; no. I mean its the starter. and this---/"

    I drove the car back to town, but those shifty eyes picked out the loneliest streets
and he was very careful to steer me away from Main Street and the traffic lights.

Dorris Willows
English II 11
Feb. 9, 1934

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