Dorris tripped blithely down the stairs of science hall and into the street. Her heart
was happy and her feet were light--and who not? Wasn't this spring; why just look at the
grass. Wasn't Easter just around the corner? But, best of all, wasn't Dorris bound for home
over the week end?

    "Gee, there's the street car now. Hope I can catch it". Panting, but starry-eyed, she
scrambled aboard and paid her ticket to the genial conductor who eyed her sunny smile
with approval.

    "Going home?"

    "You bet," she laughed as she took her seat. My, but is was warm. She wondered
if those ladies in back would frown on an opened window. No harm in trying. "Oops,
there it is." Then anxiously she looked back. Only smiles answered her questioning gaze.
But who could frown at a girl starting home for spring vacation?

    "Wish this street car wouldn't stop at so many corners. I want to have time to buy
Mom a surprise before time for the bus", Dorris thought. "Why, there's Miss Lucas, the
cashier. I do believe she's going to sit with me."

    "Starting home for Easter", Miss Lucas asked genially? "My, I suppose you'll be
glad to get there. Where do you live?"

    "I live in Keokuk," grinned Dorris. "Everyone at Drake says I must belong to the
Chamber of Commerce--the way I brag up my home town." And then with Miss Lucas as
a sympathic audience, Dorris rambled on cheerfully about her home town.

    As she hopped off the street car, the genial conductor smiled at her sunny face.
"Have a good time", he said. "But then," he added, "You seem always to have a good

Dorris Willows
English 2 11

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