July 31, 1935

Inclinations prompt another entrance in the diary; so while house work waits, here goes. The long awaited visit from Aunt Esther, Grandmother Huff, and Dad is now a thing of the past. In spite of a great many apprehensions on the part of wife and housekeeper, we all had a very pleasant visit--as well as a quilt, pot holders, and a cake cover. Jack got new swimming trunks and Dick a dollar from their new Grandmother. The two of them got a baseball glove, ball, and bat from their Grand-dad Puss, (and a dollar too). It's a good thing Dad is way out in Kansas or the two Indians would be spoiled properly.

Hi Tension Picnic is now over for this year and "SonnyBoy" was the only one to suffer from the pop. At the same time, he was the first to need a Doctor--for a sore foot.

Sunday was marked by church attendance. Rev. Pratt gave us a very good lecture. Eileen D. was there so we brought her home for a bite to eat and a swim. We were glad to see her again.

The Kid's latest interest is checkers, and sort of racing games.


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