August 13, 1935

Jack sent an order for a basket for his bike; and every day after mailing the order, he made two or three daily trips to the post office looking for the package. It finally arrived the day we went to town for Mary' book and hair cuts, so we gave the town free entertainment by putting the basket on right down town. Jack beat Dick and I home. When we arrived, Jack had changed from shorts to long pants, dispite the heat, so he could use the pants guards! Dick was tickled with the new suits which came as a surprise to him. Mary Curran and the boys got along famously the times they were together; but the visits back and forth made such late hours that the kids were all out of sorts Saturday morning. Mary's birthday cake seemed to be a success. Saturday was a day and half. We got up late and were still cleaning up the house when Owen and wife appeared; then Aunt Esther called up from Keokuk and came on over; then Lily, Mary, and Minnie showed up; then Jim got over. Mary gave us tin cups, and an ice pick; Lily gave us pans; and Minnie gave us sheets. Jim and E.G. stayed for supper, but went on to Ewing Saturday evening. Sunday was marked by a trip to Ewing to the Willows Reunion. That was an interesting experience; but I suffered with a woosy tummy.

The Kids are trying to get money now under a point system. I wish someone else would take a hand at this diary--but even if they don't I'm still glad I got married, More glad than when I did it!!!!!


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