Investigating Seaside


Early in the day, at the Lewis and Clark statue at the Turnaround on the Prom. Along the 1.5 mile long Promenade looking south towards Tillamook Head.
Seaside Aquarium on the Prom.   Feeding the resident seals bits of bait fish in return for their performance. An ancient (about 4 year old) octopus.  They can climb out of this tank, but rarely do.
Aquarium tank. Seaside Museum.  The process that Lewis and Clark used to boil salt from seawater.  Salt was used to preserve meat for their return trip.
Restored 1893 Butterfield Cottage featured this dressing table similar to that used by my sister. This is a "Sears" rocker which matches one used in my childhood home.
Later in the day we ended up back at the Turnaround. The fog began to roll in from the ocean.

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