Unit Band 15, Great Lakes - 1970's


       Heading down the stretch in my Navy career, I found myself returning to where it all began. There was a succession of bandmasters during those years of a transforming Navy Music Program, which lead to numerous assignments in the band.  I'll note one here for now.


Great performers.



     The Lifeboat Rock Band unit was the premier road show for the recruiting efforts in the midwest.  This was also the Zumwalt years; thus the civilian attire worn by this talented group of characters. I took up the job of shepherding this flock and even had the title "Lifeboat Commander" added to my name tag.






The horn men.  

      These guys were great pranksters at times, but always first in their minds was the desire to entertain their targeted audiences, whether high school or college,  Soon the recruiting emphasis focus shifted elsewhere and I found another role to play out the remaining time till retirement.





Whatever to please the kids.

Lead singers

Lifeboat drummer

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