Leader, Unit Band 11, Guam

Map of Guam, 1970

MU2 Johnny Johnson gives the signal for a 'Second Ending'

      Guam was a marvelous place to take the family for a two year tour.  The Island was 36 miles long and 4-8 miles wide, and around every corner there awaited new adventures.

     As the Commander, Naval Forces, Marianas Band we provided martial music for official functions. Included were inspections, award ceremonies, changes of command, ship arrivals, and etc.  Social functions for active duty personnel and their dependents were supported when approved. Concerts were held at each of the schools on Guam.  In support of other public relations programs, we traveled extensively throughout the islands of the UN Trust Territory.  A list of the islands included: Saipan, Tinian, Rota, Ulithi, Pohnpei, Koror in the Palau chain, Truk and Dublon.  Five of the inhabited islands in the Marianas chain were visited at Christmas time, to distribute toys, tools and supplies. 





     These first three pictures were taken at the UN Day celebration on the Island of Saipan, MI.  The daily rain did not dampen the spirit of the Islanders, and we dried out quickly. 

Always a great audience

UN Day Concert - Saipan M.I.



Praise The Lord, And Pass The Ammunition!       This personnel inspection was at the Navy Magazine Command on Guam.  The magazine area was home to the few remaining wild caribou herds on the Island.  The admiral harvested one to be pit barbequed for the annual staff picnic.











Christmas Carols for the patients.    It was wartime and the Guam Naval Hospital was a way-station between the battlefields of Viet Nam and home for many wounded servicemen.  The brass choir performed Christmas music on the wards for those unable to be returned to CONUS for the holidays.







All photos above are official U.S. Navy photography by RH3 R. A. Liddell

Before the parade. A-Bomb loading pit.
Waiting for the parade to begin on Tinian. Mayor of Tinian describes the A-Bomb loading pit site.
Waiting in the chow line. Worth waiting for.
Waiting in the chow line with great anticipation. The tapioca and rice based food so typical of the island fiestas.
Eating and relaxing under the trees by the sea. Checking out the Latta Stones.
A cool spot to relax in the shade by the sea. Investigating the great Latta Stones of the Marianas.

Village of Umatac in southern Guam

The island life of Navy Band 11 cannot be matched.
  I'm so glad my family could be a part of it.


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