Joe Says, Oct 23, 1936

The prospects of your writing a column on "Hunches" is really thrilling. I suggest that you stop hesitating. You are stable enough in your thinking not to get too involved in contradictions. You are clear and direct enough in your writing. Your sense of humor is most attractive. You are charitable enough not to step on too many corns and provincial enough to gain quite a following in your own balliwick. And you are young enough to have your provincialism expand should practice make you good enough to attract a wider audience. But I wouldn't bother my head about it unless there is money in it for you. At least enough to buy you some smokes. You are never appreciated unless you are paid because possibly you don't feel obligated to extend yourself except as a professional. It seems to be a common Wells failing to do things for nothing. It developes spiritual security or something, but we have not achieved economic stability, any of us, when each of us is smart enough to have made a mark, and several should be prominent. I would like to see another story at the end of the next economic bulge.

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