Dorris sat, trying in vain to think of some character about which to write. "There
goes Janet," she mused, gazing out the door into the corridor. "Say --," she thought,
"maybe Janet can give me an idea?"

    Off Dorris hurried to the cloak room, where Janet had disappeared. "Janet," she
cried, "I'm trying to write a character theme for English and I can't think of any character.
Can't you help me out?"

    Janet stood before the mirror, carefully combing her long hair which was
old-maidishly gathered into a knot at the back. "My, I don't know," she enunciated softly.
"Let me see -- you might write about a girl who changes her clothes when she gets home,
hangs them up, and then studies her lessons. Or you might write about a little girl and the
family welcoming their daddy home." She laughed softly as she powdered her nose. "Miss
Jessup liked the one I wrote upon that subject."

    Dorris considered. "No," she said, "those don't help me much. I don't know
enough about them. --- I've got it!" she exclaimed suddenly. and As Dorris rushed out the
door, Janet, in horror heard floating back the words, "I'll write about you."

Dorris Willows
English 2 - 11
April 20, 1934

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