What is my creed of life? I don't know. I'm sure I am not alone in my uncertainty.
Many of the thinking youth of this "wild" generation are groping about in the same
darkness and fog of doubt that I find surrounding me today. Some of us young people are,
to a certain extent like Bruno, that Italian Scientist-Philosopher, "who wandered from
country to country and from creed to creed, and evermore came out by the same door
wherein he went, searching and wondering."

    Why are we groping in this uncertainty? We are living in a stern age of science, of
economic upheaval, of reconstruction following the most terrible war this world has yet
experienced, and of machines which have lessened man's employment. Our great school
systems are opening new fields of thot which the ever surging passion of "Know, Know,
KNOW" bids us enter in our eternal search -- search for what? Happiness? Wealth? No --
more than that -- contentment; the contentment that comes as a result of doing our most
for humanity.

    Our great poet, Longfellow, has said, "The thots of youth are long, long, thots,"
and some fine people, comparing our confusion with the simple happiness of the ignorant,
ask, "What is the good of so much seeking of knowledge, afterall?" But tho in some weak
moments I envy those simple folk - their carefree lives, I still must realize that my doubts,
puzzles, and uncertainties are molding into me a stronger life; and each difficulty
overcome; and each new bit of knowledge gained -- tho it does open up new difficulties
and new fields of knowledge -- gives me a feeling of contentment rarely felt by the
ignorant. So I and others like me, are eager for knowledge, despite its accompanying
confusions and troubles.

Dorris E. Willows
Section 1-10
Oct. 20, 1933
Theme No. 3

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