January 1, 1935

New Year's Day: Have been amusing myself reading over the record of the first half of last year. It is stranger than fiction in many ways. The second half of the year was full of the greatest realities of life, and was so full that diary-writing had little chance of entering the picture. In my preface I chose this method of self-expression as a gap-filler, and predicted its cessation upon resumption of work interest. This has occurred. But I had no conception of the extreme turn in the course of life's events. I have seen and experienced stark tragedy. Death has ended suffering - peace conquered the awful ravages of disease - beauty remains, and grows daily. The motherless Christmas brought a measure of happiness to the kids, through shere inertia; Jack's posthumous gift of the "tile" climaxed the emotional stress, evoked by this season of traditions. Two letters (once-a-year variety) to Madlin seared a healing wound. And now we are to lose the body of Dr. Ehinger, but like Madlin, such characters are never lost. What a pity, though, for loved ones.

This diary, as such, is therefore but a record of one year, or less; and is discontinued until forther need arises. The record is continuous, however, for the Eastern correspondence of the Summer is assembled in rather complete form, and constitutes my memoir of the days of separtion, and finality. Another such memoir of hopes for the future is in the process of creation, and is rapidly assuming grand proportions. When realization occurs there will no doubt be opportunity and need of resuming this record, probably on a co-authorship basis. - Until then, Diary, - "Auf Wiedersehn!!"

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