July 10, 1934

  Jack's Birthday: Got inspired this morning at 5:30, got up, cold bathed, shaved, and have a half hour to make a few notes in this much neglected diary. The past two weeks have been busy, and sometime I hope to record my impressions of Mother Heller's Discussion Club, a characterization of said remarkable lady, the effect of moonlight and singing by the lake on a lonesome bloke, the conflicts of primitive instincts, the discovery of the remedy through the accident of a meeting of a kindred spirit, the attempts at application of the principle of sublimation, the thrills of satisfying personal conscience outside the pale of the dictates of custom, and the warmth of a new friendship engendered by the visit with the Pelletts in Hamilton. All of which deserve long comment, and are mentioned here as reminder in case an opportunity presents itself to spread them out. A byproduct of the Pellett visit was a bit of day-dreaming on an ideal home set-up in a semi-rural community; this included the cow, a few chickens, two or three hives of bees, a modern home, neighbors such as Pellett, Cale, Clausen, access to Lakeview and the shopping district, and all within easy reach of the engineering office; closeness to nature and the simple life are key-notes in this symphony. O-hum!

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