May 30, 1934

As predicted this diary has been interrupted - for two months. The success of the direct suggestion by letter to the boss, has changed the work picture from a purely bread and butter job to a resumed professional interest in engineering. April 1st, Easter, found me back in the Engineering Department, and with sufficient interests there to eliminate the avocation of writing. Instinctively, I hit on a psychological idea of "sublimination" (have just finished Jackson's and Salisbury's "Outwitting our nerves") in seeking outlets for pent-up energy through my stunts at the substation. Definition: The act of freeing sex-energy from definitely sexual aims; utilization of sex-energy for nonsexual ends. Thus equipped I am in better shape to cope with other circustances which are even more revolutionary: Put Madlin and Dick on the train for the East in Chicago on May 19th. This move is the answer to a prayer that some means appear on a clouded horizon which would enable her to build up some reserve. Only freedom from the endless "oughts" of domesticity seems to be the answer to this riddle. So off they go, and Jack and I are batching in a friend's home, where my domestic responsibilities are limited to my personal needs and those of the boy's. The process of packing a house full of furniture for storage appeared rather hopeless the first night, but a persistant week of work at night found the job in apple pie shape when the movers arrived. Another contact with the Crist clan in Chicago proved delightful through the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sullivan (Mabel the artist).
Memorial Day exercises at the National cemetary were impressive as usual in the beautiful setting.

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