March 19, 1934

Finished second volumn of Marshall. and also Galsworthy's "One More River" last night. An interesting comparison in appeal to reason and emotion. Startling facts in one case, and a beautiful picture of inscrutible life in the other.

Wayne resumned his series with a repetition of his rule of thumb: never cause anyone pain, except in self defense. (I'd prefer - never harm - for a doctor causes pain) Honorable self-hood is involved in the exception. Sin is then a violation of this simple rule, and virtue some sort of the opposite.

Madlin is suspected of thyroid-oxin, or whatever that glandular abnormality is called. So she will spend the night in the hospital to determine her relative rate of tissue destruction, or basal metabolism. Sounds beastly technical to me, but there's nothing like getting at the facts of her difficulties. Poor girl is having a worrysome time, but I believe a good dose of balmy Spring will mean a lot to her.

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