March 13, 1934

Dick was a silent spectator during a chemistry session in the kitchen, in which Jack and Pop explored the properties of CO2 and NH3. During the bath that night Dick complained of a chafed limb, so I annointed him with salve, verbal and unguent. And he enquired in a matter of fact tone "Why don't you use some ferric ammonium sulphate?"

My hunch on the need of a crystalizing agent in the matter of L.E.D.'s decision on my future with the Engineering department proved correct. By means of a letter in which the use of direct suggestion predominated the issue was defined, and I received a summons the next day from PLM to discuss it. So I go back to the office April 1 (the day arouses latent superstitions - but it is also Easter day). Now that Jimmy is gone it looks as though gage inspection and hydraulic records will become my routine, and come-what-may will provide the frills. They will give me the modest salary I requested, which should about allow us to break even instead of the now inevitable indebtedness. And what a boon it will be to sleep during the period of day the Lord intended for that purpose, and to have week ends free regularly, and to enjoy the priveleges of a white collar job, to which I am accustomed. The psychological effect of this change in our home at a time when the fates have seemed to conspire from every angle, should mark the first swing upwards from a rather deep depression which has required no little stick-to-it-iveness and blind faith to carry on.
One interesting phase of this accomplishment is contained in PLM's assertion that LED had not discussed my return previous to the receipt of my letter - he had promised to do this, but for some reason of his own had let it slide. My fear of over-doing the appeal was thus allayed for PLM felt that it may have hung fire indefinitly had I not precipitated action.

Wayne preached on a religion of beauty. In music or art, and living, we seek a smoothness of line, color or tempo and avoid clashings. We follow our ideals and avoid that which is contrary to them. We control the degree of beauty in our own lives. That is a reality. The only exception to the rule of seeking peace at all hazards is self-defense. (This exception allows for Washington's righteous anger to my mind)

"Victor hostium et sui"

Arthur Fish recommended Paul Lawrence Dunbar and Rollin Hayes.

The Richardson's suggested Humphrey Ward's "Robert Elsmere", Gilbert Parker's "Right of Way". Also "The Honorable Peter Sterling" of Cleveland interest. Also find an unknown note to read Beard's "Rise of American Civilization", which may have come from Wayne or possible Hollingsworth.

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