February 19, 1934

Galsworthy's "Maid in Waiting": "Whether indeed Man was fundamentally decent and peaceful, as examination into the lives of animals and some so-called savage peoples seemed to suggest; or fundamentally aggressive and resteless as that lugubrious record, History, seemed to suggest?"
"Women haven't the sense of difficulty that men have; women's difficulties are physical and real, men's difficulties are mental and formal, they always say 'It'll never do!' Women never say that. They act, and find out whether it will do or not."
"Dog fighting is excellent for all except the dogs."
"He too alone knew that the strain of living with one unbalanced as Ferse had become, had so killed sex impulse in her that she had lived those four years of practical widowhood without any urge towards love. He believed she had for him a real affection, but he knew that it had so far stopped short of passion."
"Valuable fellows --- the kind of men who directed what was called progress: sat in banks, city offices, governmental departments, combining movements and numbers, not bothered by flesh and blood, except their own."
"The great practical advantages of agreeing to differ."

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