December 4, 1933

(I just read my previous comments on hum-drum. Apparently I have said that real living depends in the use of time not consumed by the necessities of life. Without expanding the idea further than a statement of the fact, I record here an opinion that real living can include the hum-drum, if the study of cause and effect plus a little romance can be applied to this large portion of our time.)

Spent the entire morning with Robert and thrashed over his bombshell announcement of his resignation. He had worked out the entire picture, including his own future, as well as the Church's, so well that all my notions of attempting to delay his departure scarcely reached the point of expression. So that's that, and Robert will soon be a fond memory. He gave me a favorite book of his "The Faith that makes Faithful" by William C. Gannett and Jenkin L. Jones, and especially recommended the chapter "A Cup of Cold Water".

To return to the "interests":

Thirdly, appropriate to the above, the activities of the Church demand more or less of my time. The class of six boys; Billy Heller, Earl Nelson, Warren Swan, Dick Huston, Tommy Strome, and Jack Wells; provide an outlet for some notions of mine on teaching fundamental religion. My youth was crowded catechisms and dogma; these boys are learning a little about the revelations of God all about us, the powers of good and evil, the nature of a spiritual life, how spiritual influence is sustained whether the body is present or absent, how the development of character while the body is alive influences the eternal aspects of ones spirit - all this, and whatever pops into my head on character development, attempted in boy language, man to man, and without dogma.

A rather ambitious three-act play, a money raising venture of the Social Club, to which I do not belong, finds us practising nearly every night. My character part is somewhat tiring owing to the unnatural voice I assume. Since this is my first dramatic attempt I am curious to know just how stage struck I shall be. Will the friendly audience make it easy, or will they be distracting?

As Secretary to the Board Of Trustees of the Church I take more or less interest in the business affairs of the Church, which, by the way, are at low ebb right now. The coming responsibility of securing a new Pastor should pull us out of our lethargy before long.

Fourthly, the X Club is the finest example of intellectual intemperance I have ever seen. Once a month those brain trust candidates gather and devour a meal and some individual martyr who presents the paper. Let's record the membership; an imposing list, if you know 'em: Dr. E. G. Wollenweber, J. Garth Johnson, Morton Clausen, James A. Hollingsworth, Huston Taylor, Frank C. Pellett, John Kaut, Jr., George Berryhill, A. Holingsworth, J. F. Elder, Francis J. Weber, G. D. Cale, Dr. C. E. Ehinger, Rev. R. D. Richardson, and Rev. A. E. Fish. My paper is due January 16th next; there seems to be plenty of material but not much unity to blamed thing.

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