Letters of Madlin Wells


Woodburn Iowa
April 19, 1928

Dear Aunt Bertie & family,

    Well, we are actually here, away out in the middle west. What was only a dream a few weeks ago is now a reality.
    We had a lovely trip out - two seats (in other words a section) in the Pullman all the way out and Jack was very good and slept well at night. It is lovely out here the country is rolling, in fact, to me it is quite hilly. Everyone is wonderful to us. I have never known such kind and congenial people. Of course, they live differently from what we are accustomed to but they get an awful lot out of life just among themselves. They are great church people and most people belong to the Christian church. There is a Methodist church in Woodburn too. Woodburn is the little town just a mile away. I went to the ladies aid with Aunt Bertha, we call her Aunt although she is only a second cousin, but it seems to suit her better than cousin. The younger generation we call by their first names and there are a bunch of younger ones.
    It has been very cold ever since we came - even cold enough to freeze and such winds I have never seen, or rather heard. We are hoping for a change in the weather soon.
    Jack loves the freedom of the country. He wears a little blouse and overalls all the time except when we are going visiting or something – believe me it saves washing clothes. Of course he gets in to every thing. The first day we were here - before our trunk came I let him go out to play with his best coat on and I found him a little later quite a distance from the house - playing with some machinery that was greasy and his little coat was a mess – practually all over the front and sleeves. Luckily Aunt Bertha had a very good grease remover so I was able to get the grease out. The motto is – “do not wear good clothes when on the farm.”
    Aunt Bertie thanks so much for the bloomers they will surely come in handy. From the looks of them I should say that you had “standing room” only. Also many thanks for the dollar for Jack at Easter time. You are very thoughtful.
    I hope you are all well and that you will keep well. Write to me often and I’ll promise to write to you folks.
    Love to all from all of us.

P.S. John keeps about the same. I hope that this complete change will be a great benefit to him.

% Geo. W. Crist
R.R. #2

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