Thomas Say’s Trance, Philadelphia 11th Month 13th 1748

The Lord visited me with a Fit of Sickness when I was between Sixteen & Seventeen years of Age being the Pleurisie in which I continued for some Time in great Pain and Misery both in Body and Mind, sometimes I had small Hopes of Mercy, and sometimes almost in despair, and I Continued so for Nine Days, and on the ninth Day at Night between Seven and Eight o Clock I fell into a Trance & so continued till about three or four the next morning, and when I came into the Body again I cast my Eyes round my Bed, and saw my Father & Mother Susanna Robinson, Rebecca Crap, and others who were Watching of me to see if they could discern me to breathe, and they Shook my Body and felt for my Pulse, but found none.  Then They let me alone, according to the Doctors Orders, while I Continued Warm, this they told me after I came to, and I Spake, saying “What is the reason so many sit up with me to night”  I not knowing at that Time that they thought me Dead, they hearing me speak all ran from the Fire (for it was very cold Weather) round my Bed, and my Father and Mother, asked me how I was.  I made answer and said I thought I had been Dead, and going to Heaven, and heard like the Voices of Men, Women and Children, Signing Songs of Praise unto the Lord God and the Lamb without any Intermission, which ravished my Soul in a Glorious Manner and I thought I was all in White, & in my full Shape, and there being on each Side beautiful Greens, such as in this Life never were seen, and so I was going forwards towards Heaven, I looked down upon the Earth, which I saw very plain, and saw three Men Die.  I knew one of them was a Negro named Cuffe belonging to the Widow Kearney, and I thought he was coming the way I was going towards Heaven, and I was exceeding glad & thought it increased my Joy, which makes me have a true Sense of that Scripture, that there is more Joy in Heaven over one Sinner that repenteth & also that the Lord is no respecter of Persons. — One of the White Men I saw enter into Rest, and the other cast off (I did then Mention their Names and which entered into Rest) they that I spake to did not then know that these Men were Dead, and just then the Bell was ringing for one that was Dead, and they that I spoke to, sent to see who was Dead, and they told me it was for the Person I saw cast off.  And I was about entering into Rest myself.  However I stept into the Body again before I saw how it went with the Negro —Now some may perhaps be desirous to know how they that were dead did Appear to my View, they appeared to me in a Compleat Body, the which Body I take to be the Spiritual Body, for I saw the same Body in which they lived when on Earth laid out, but I cannot say I saw my own Earthly Body, and the Reason why I neither saw it, nor my entering into Rest, I take to be, because my Soul was not entirely Separated from its Earthly Body —— which the others were, altho’ mine was so far Departed from the Body as to see those Things, and to hear the Songs of Praise as aforesaid. ~~~~  ~~ At another Time it run in my Mind for three or four Months that I should be visited soon by the Lord with a Fit of Sickness near unto Death, which caused me for Nights and Days to cry unto the Lord, that he might keep and preserve me in the Hours of Tryals and Death and a Desire arose in my Mind, that if it was the Lords Will and Pleasure, he would reveal and make known to me that Mystery of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, these three in One John 51 — and soon after this I was visited with a Fit of Sickness called the Yellow Fever, and in this Illness I was given over by the Doctors, and every one who saw me, being two or three Days Speechless, yet during this Time I retained my full Senses, and in the Time of my being Speechless, I thought I saw a Square Place, the length and breadth thereof Equal, and I saw a Throne clear as Chrystal, as Bright as the Sun, in the Midst thereof, and all around the Throne were Seats, one above another; but how many Seats I know not, howbeit, I saw the Heavenly Host – set there, one above another, and in the Midst of the Throne I saw a Body of Light and Glory, and by the Light which proceeded from this Body of Light, the Heavens and all was filled with the Presence thereof, by which they were all enabled to sing a New Song, not such as we sing, and I thought I heard a Voice say, the Lamb which is in the Midst of the Throne feeds them, so that they shall hunger no more, Neither Shall they thirst any more, and there is no need of the Sun, Neither of the Moon to shine in it, for the Lamb is the Light thereof —and I thought I saw one Stream of Light extending into this Body of Light, and cast thro’ him into the Hearts of all Mankind Universally, the which Light seemed to me, to be as Universal as the Sun at Noon Day, and I thought I heard a Voice say, behold this Light That thou seest extending from the Father, thro’ me into the Hearts of all Mankind, is that which checks them when They are going to do Evil, and if they mind it, and are led and guided by it, it will lead them unto me, because it came from me, and then they will find Peace with God, for out of me, God is a Consuming Fire ———

Now here is the Mystery of Father, Son, and Spirit three in One, Revealed – And I thought I heard a Voice, say, that one Stream of Light that thou seest is of the Father, and I am the Son, and those Lights that proceed from the Father through me into the Hearts of all Men is the Spirit, which is one and the same Light, and I could say, Lord I see it, and my Soul leapt for Joy that the Lord in the Riches of his Goodness was pleased to reveal to my Soul the Way he hath cast up for the Righteous and ransomed to Walk in — Now I can say that the above Things I saw, but whether in the Body, or out of the Body I cannot tell ~ ~ ~ ~ ________________      _____~~~~

At Another Time in this Sickness, I thought I was all in White, and was an hungry and Thirsty, and I thought in one Moment I was satisfied, and I thought my soul cried out, and said, who hath Satisfied me so soon and in Such Manner and with such sweet Water, which water I thought I had drank of once before, and I thought I heard a Voice say, it is the Shepherd of the Sheep, behold the Sheep running upon the Green Mountains which caused my Soul to leap for joy, and I said, I hope I shall be with them by and by, and I thought there was a Basket upon the Floor with some of what I was satisfied with, and it was said to me, no Dog can eat of it ~~ ——— ~~______________________________________________


A Warning to the People called Quakers & Others

     _______   ______~

Yet once more saith the Lord, I shake not the Earth only but Heaven also, and this word (once more) Signifieth the removing of those things that are or may be Shaken, as of Things that are Made, that those Things that cannot be Shaken may remain. — This Testimony has been upon my Mind for some Time to deliver, and as I Sat Waiting and Considering, the most proper Method seemed to me to commit it to Writing for divers Reasons, some of which are as follows ———   —————     ———————

Firstly, I take it to Concern the Church in General

Secondly, It is more apt or likely to be forgot if Delivered by Word of Mouth ——— —  ————

For these Reasons, and some others not Mentioned, I Commit it to Writing, and leave it as a Warning to the People called Quakers, and Others, both Young and Old, for it is my firm Belief the Lord will try the Foundations of Men of all sorts of Professions, Yea, he will fulfil his Words, Yet once more Saith the Lord, I Shake not the Earth Only, but Heaven also, there will be great Tribulations and Trials upon the Inhabitants of the World, and all their Foundations will be proved, for the Lord is Grieved with the Pride, Covetousness & of those who Profess his Name and Truth, and he will shake their False Trust and Confidence in which they have been Leaving themselves both in Temporals and Spirituals and none will be able to stand but those who are upon the Rock Christ, all People will be proved even the very Elect, and they will Suffer Loss who are not upon the True Foundation — I therefore Forewarn you unto whom these may come to take heed to Yourselves and see what Foundation you are upon, for it will not Serve your turns to make a Profession of the Holy Truth if you are not Established upon it, you will certainly Suffer Loss ——— Therefore I entreat you to Examine your own Hearts, and see to your Standings, see what you are Settling upon, what you are making your Chiefest Delights, and as it were your Heaven, your Joy and Confidence what you are Trusting to, for you shall be Shaken out of it, if it be a false rest, whether it be in Temporals or Spirituals, Former Experiences, Self Righteousness or whatever else is not on the right Foundation how fair or plausible it may Appear, will be removed, and you will be Stripped of all, and left Empty, poor and Miserable — therefore look to it, and take Warning, and do not slight this Exhortation because it comes by a poor Instrument, for I assure you it has been a Burthen upon my Mind for several Months past, I have weighed it, and as Gideon did Intreat that I might be permitted to prove whether it was really from the Spirit of Truth or only a Vain Imagination, and I have been favoured with a Sight and Sense in such a Manner, that I now no longer dare to Doubt, it is now so fixed and Sealed upon my Spirit, that I can no longer forbear Acquainting you, least the Blood of any be required at my Hand ——

The Lord Almighty if it be his Blessed Will make this Warning and Exhortation Effectual to the bringing many of his People nearer to him — is the fervent Desire of his Humble and Afflicted Servant, and a True Well wishes to his Church ———

3d month 1738                       Benjamina Padley




And I heard a Voice from Heaven, saying write, Blessed are the Dead that die in the Lord, from henceforth, yea, saith the Spirit, for they rest from their Labour, and their Works do follow them,

                        Revelations Chap 14th verse 13th

Very forcibly did the above Test impress my Mind upon hearing of the Unexpected Death of my much beloved Friend Edith Sharpless, who Departed this Life on fifth Day Morning first Month the 18th 1787 — Excellent and much Lamented Friend long shall I remember the Meekness of Thy Soul, Thy Exemplary Piety, Thy Zealous Labours for the Promotion of Virtue and Righteousness on Earth, and although easily called from a State of Mutability, yet doubtless thou art now Enjoying the Blessed Reward of thy Faithfulness and Obedience to the God of thy Life — whom I believe thou Served with Unfeigned Love ~~— When such Patterns of Religion are called hence, it is not only within the Narrow limits of Family and Friends the loss is felt, it becomes Publick and extensive —The Church has lost one of its firmest Pillars Virtue one of its most Zealous Advocates, and the Poor either in Spirituals or Temporals a Steady and Compassionate Friend. ~ Never did I know a Woman for whom (upon so short an Acquaintance) I conceived so Affectionate and warm an Attatchment, the Power and Brightness of her Publick Ministry first Interested me in her favour, and the Gentleness of her Manners formed a lasting regard, and while the Power of Memory prevails, I shall not forget thy eminent Virtues, dear and Valuable Woman — May the Remembrance of them excite in my Bosom ardent desires to follow thee as I firmly believe thou followed Christ during thy Sojourn in this Vale of Tears.  And that thou hast received the Joyful Sentence of Well done good and Faithful Servant enter thou into the Joy of thy Lord, and into thy Heavenly Masters Rest —— is an Assurance I feel from the Knowledge I had of the Excellency of thy Heart, and the Gracious Promises of the Everlasting Father





The Vision of Isaac Child, which he saw Concerning the Land of his Nativity. ~—~—

And it shall come to pass Afterward that I will pour out my Spirit upon all Flesh, and your Sons and your Daughters Shall Prophesy, your Old Men shall Dream, Dreams, your Young Men shall see Visions Joel 2d Chapr 28th Verse —————

In that Appearance which is not of Man, nor Accountable to Man, I looked and beheld a great and high Mountain, and thereon stood Candlesticks of Gold, of Silver, of Brass and of Iron, and there were Candles therein, three (or some) of them burning very bright and Clear, and Some Appeared dull and almost gone out, and some were quite gone out, and others were covered with Veils to defend them from Storms, for they were all standing open to the Firmament, and whilst I looked the Candlesticks became Men, and they Walked up and Down in the Mountain, and I looked and behold the light of the Sun disappeared for a short Season, and clouds of Darkness, and Storms, and Tempests came and beat upon the Mountain.  Then the Candlesticks over which were the Veils sent from over them, and the Candlesticks (which were Men) were left in thick Darkness for their Candles were beaten out, and some of them Overthrown, and whilst I looked off the Wall of the Mountain which was built of pure Gold and Precious Stones, there appeared a Numerous Company from another Country following Ignis fatuius and Their Leader rode upon a Scarlet coloured Beast, and his Name was Opposition and Defence, and when they that sat in Darkness upon the Mountain saw the Multitude which came forth, they went forth from the Mountain, and brake over the precious Walls that were round about, and went to the Leader of the Multitude and Honoured him with great Honour, and some of them joined him in his Host, and followed Ignis fatuus with him, and they rejoiced, saying “We will do Valiantly for our God is with us and will tread down our Enemies, even every one that riseth up to oppose us,” and others gave him much Money and many great Gifts, saying “go forth with thine Army and beat down those Storms and Tempests whereby we are so tormented.”  So he went forth with his Company and beat against them, but could not prevail, and they which remained in Darkness upon the Mountain made War with the Golden Candlesticks whose Light appeared bright and ceased not from Shining, but they were not able so much as to dim the Light thereof, Neither they, nor the Tempest that beat against Them, for they fled to a great Tower that was in the Midst of the Mountain, then they who were in Darkness were grievously perplext, and pricked in their Hearts, and they gathered themselves together, and Conspired with one Another, Saying “let us build ourselves Places of Refuge where unto we may flee in the Time of Trouble, and they took the Name of the great God of Heaven in vain, Saying “he will be with us and go forth with our Armies,” and they made themselves preparations for War. ~ And as I looked One came forth in his Glorious Appearance, and cried, Saying, “Cease ye to make unto Yourselves Martial Preparations and Instruments of War, and of Defence, for behold there is in this Mountain a safe hiding Place, and the Walls thereof are sure,” but many believed not, for they were in Darkness and hardness of Heart overcame them, so that they gave no heed unto him, nor his Messengers which he sent unto them,  Exercising themselves in a Martial Manner, ~ Then there came forth a Voice from on High, saying unto him that Appeared, “Remove the Golden Walls and Bulwarks from about this Mountain, for they have exalted themselves in their own Strength, and have forgotten the mighty Power which is a Place of Refuge in the Midst thereof, who Built the Walls, set up the Candlesticks, and Lighted the Candles that are therein,  But he said, “Let the Tower remain therein, and he that is able to flee unto it, let him flee and be safe, for I have Determined what I will do unto this Place.” ~ And Suddenly the Walls which were of Gold and precious Stones, were taken away from about the Mountain, and the Wild Boar of the Forest entered into the borders thereof, and raged in his Fury, for his Chains were loosed, and he was released out of his Prison, and he began to remove many Candlesticks and essayed to destroy the whole Mountain, and the Cry of Widows and Orphans began to be heard in the Land, and they were greatly despised who Trusted in the Holy Name of Jesus whose light still appeared, and they Mourn’d and Wept for the Candlesticks that were removed out of their places, and for the Golden Walls that were taken from about them ——— And there appeared an Angel of the Highest, having in his Right Hand Golden Snuffers, and he passed through the Midst of the Mountain and Snuffed the Candles that were dimmed, and gave them of the Golden Oyl, running through the Golden pipes from the two Golden Olives that stand before the Lord on high, and he spake Comfortably unto them, and told them it was because of the Cursed Sodomy, and great forsaking of the Lord their God, that they were thus Judged.  But he said unto them, “fear ye not, for although the Antient Walls are removed from about this place, it is but that the Wicked may receive the reward of their Works, and the Land be cleansed from the pollutions thereof, for there is an horrible Rebellion in this Land, and turning aside from the way of Righteousness, provoking the Holy One by Sin and Transgression, and breaking the Holy Covenants of the Most High God” — Thus saith the Lord, “I have turned my Hand against this Place for evil, and I will give the People over to the Furnace of Affliction, and he that cometh forth, shall come forth as pure Gold tryed in the Fire, more pure than the Golden Wedge of Ophir, and he that cometh not forth, is he that despiseth mine holy Covenant, and I will forsake him, and give him over to the Tormentors, And I will remove his Candlestick out of its place,  There shall be dreadful Weeping and gnashing of Teeth, and there shall be a great overturning in the Land Saith the Lord, “For behold I have threatened them with Famine, and to let the Sword in upon them, and have Scourged them in their border for their Wickedness, but they have refused to humble themselves, and have lifted up the heel against me, and Despised the Meek Appearance of the Messenger of the Holy Covenant, they have made this Wicked World their Idol. They Worship it Day and Night, and when they gather in their most Solemn Assemblies, behold it is in their Minds, Cursing and Swearing, Drunkenness, Whoredom, Theft, Chambering, Wantonness, and all Manner of Abominations is in their borders, and yet Saith the Lord they will Afflict themselves with Fasting, and put up their Prayers, Saying, “Lord save us” whilst their Hearts thirst after the Blood of their Enemies, whom I have suffered to come upon them. ~ But thus saith the Lord, I will accept none of your Prayers, Your Fasting, or Affliction of Body, but I will suffer to come in upon You the Waters of a Mighty River whose Floods shall go over the Banks of the Land of Immanuel, the Streams whereof Shall overspread the whole Land, and then shall be great Afflictions, which shall not cease until Sin and Transgression shall entirely be Swept away, in this Time many shall strive to flee to the Strong Tower which is in the Midst of the Mountains, but none shall be able except those whose Candles remain Burning and whose Light shines in their borders.  They Shall Strive and be able, and have the Songs of Salvation to sing upon the Banks of Deliverance.  They shall say, “not by our Might, nor by our Power, but by the Spirit of our God we are Saved from our Enemies, whilst they who believed not (having heard) suffer for their Sins.” — Then I looked and behold the Wild Boar of the Forest continued making War in the Mountain, and Slew many in her Suburbs, and took Captive, Men, Women, and Children.~ Then the Candlesticks which were of Silver, of Brass, of Iron, and many dark Candlesticks rose up to resist him, and they went out against him, and Smote him in his hinder parts, and Wounded him a little, but they could not prevail against him —— then they cried aloud against the Golden Candlesticks and said, Our Wives, and our Children are taken Captives, and our Men are Slain with the Sword of Them which are no People, and You will not arise for our help, and power was given them to Oppress the Golden Candlesticks for a Time, then the Golden Candlesticks were silent and greatly Distressed for a Season, then they arose some of them, and went forth, and joined with the Candlesticks of Silver, of Brass, and of Iron, because of the Oppression that was upon them, and they which remained gathered themselves together upon the top of the Mountain and sat silent for a Time before the great Tower that is in the Midst thereof, and many were pained in their very Hearts, and lifted up their Voice unto the Great Lord of Sabboath because of the Distress, and carrying away Captive that was in the Land — Nevertheless it pleased the Lord of Sabboath to continue Judgement for a Time (and Time) but as they continued Crying, and Humbling themselves before him,, Imploring Help of his Sacred Majesty, for themselves and for the People, it pleased him in his Infinite Goodness to Command the Boar of the Forest to return from their Borders, and he Chained him with a Strong Chain, and put a Hook in his jaws, and drew him back into the Wilderness, and the Mountain was at Rest for a short Season, but the Walls thereof was not Rebuilt, “Neither shall be for the Days of many Generations” saith the Lord ~ And about this time the Candlesticks of Silver, of Brass, and of Iron, exercised Authority over the Golden Candlesticks, and would have overthrown them, but they could not by reason of the Tower which was in the Mountain, where unto Ability was given them to Flee — And behold the Wind of Heaven arose, and blew upon the Mountain, and the Waters of a great River came forth and passed over the Mountain, and there was a great Earthquake, and after the Earthquake, there followed a mighty Furnace, whose burning was as the burning of Lime, and the Candlesticks of Silver, of Brass, and of Iron were cast into the Furnace, and the Fire thereof burned in them, and all Things which came out of the Furnace were pure Gold, but they which came not forth were no more, but as a Fewel of Fire, and many Golden Candlesticks were Refined therein, And as I beheld there appeared Candles in all of them which came out of the Furnace, which were all of pure Gold set around with Precious Stones. ~ And one of Mighty Power rent the Heavens above and came down, having in his Right Hand a Live Coal which he had taken from the Holy Altar of the most High God, and he touched the Candles therewith and the Light Appeared, and I beheld and lo the Waters of the great River Asswaged and there was a Calm and the Golden Candlesticks, which were perfect Men and Women, went up to the Top of the Mountain rejoicing — But the Furnace still remained in the Mountain, that if at any Time the Candlesticks appeared rusty, they might be refined therein. = And He that came down from above held the Golden Snuffers in his Right Hand, That if any Candles appeared dim he might clip them, that their Light might renew it Shining, and he also had Power over the two Golden Olives and their Golden Pipes, and he Commanded them that they should pour forth of the Golden Oyl into the Golden Candlesticks —— And I also saw the Peaceable Streams of Shiloh Descending upon the Mountain, and they were as pure Gold, Clear as Chrystal, and he that held the Golden Snuffers (whose Appearance was Like unto the Son of God) called upon them that stood upon the Mountain, Saying, “come and Drink freely for this is the new Wine of the Kingdom of God” and they came and drank thereof, and Sang Praises unto him that Lives for ever, and ever, and they Honoured and Worshipped in the Beauty of Holiness, and he that Called them made a Covenant with them, that they should be His People, and he would be their God. ~ and he said unto them, “there hath been in the Mountain Wars, and Bloodshed, and many of my People have erred therein, and have Strayed from the good Shepherd, who was Meek and low in Heart, and gave his Life for his Sheep, Who, when he was Reviled, reviled not again, but patiently Suffered all Things, that the Will of the Father might be done, and so ought my People to have done, that my Will might be done in them, and not to have distrusted the Power of the Highest, and made Flesh their Arm, nor gone forth into the Martial Spirit, that is productive of Bloodshed and Misery, for it is contrary to my Will, and the Glorious Dispensation of God to Mankind, whereby many have Shone as Lights in the World, which many in this Land have rejected, and not in this Land only, but also upon the Face of the whole Earth, but it shall not be so in the Time to come, for Saith the Lord, “I will Establish Peace upon the Earth, and it shall come to pass that he that formeth an Instrument of War shall be Ashamed thereof and I will judge him at the Last Day. ~ The Warring of Cannon and beating of Drums shall not be heard, the Glittering Sword, and all the Instruments of War shall cease, and the prophesy of mine Anointed shall come to pass, Nation shall not lift up Sword against Nation, neither shall they learn War any more Isaiah 2d Chapr 4th verse — For the Mouth of the Lord hath spoken it, and it shall surely come to pass, Notwithstanding many Nations, and great Kings resist it and oppose its coming, Behold Saith the Lord, they are but as Grasshoppers, and fade as the Flowers of the Earth, and go to a Dark House of Silence and are seen of Men no more, therefore give Ear my People unto my Words, and incline your Hearts to Wisdom, and learn Understanding, that you may know the Will of God and do it, and ye shall have Peace from your Enemies round about you, and I will build again about this place the Walls and Bulwarks of my Salvation, and Ye shall know that I the Lord your God have Visited you for Good and have saved you from your Enemies, and also that ye were not able to Save Yourselves in the Time of Trouble — And it shall be a long as ye remain Faithful, and keep my Commandments I will keep, and preserve you, and Your Generations, and ye shall be a Mountain that cannot be removed, But if at any Time Ye, or Your Sons, or Your Daughters refuse and rebel, and I threaten You with my Judgements to humble You, if you lift up the Heel against me in my Rebuke as Your Fathers have done, I will surely cut You off from the Earth, and ye shall have a Name among Men no more, and I will break down the Walls which I have set up about you and they shall never be built again from henceforth forever — for behold I brought your Fathers from a Land wherein they were Oppressed, and could not serve me freely, And I moved the Heathen back for their Sakes, though not by the power of the Sword, nor the Strength of Battle But I myself rebuked them that they should not destroy mine Anointed, nor do my People any harm, and I fed Your Fathers in the Wilderness many Days, and gave them Strength to Cultivate Land, and Blessed their Labours with Success, and gave them Corn in Abundance and many Goodly Things, and they encreased in the Land, and their Generations were in Prosperity, and Waxed Fat, and did not highly esteem the Rock of Their Salvation, and Rebelled against me, and in the Time of Correction they kicked, Nevertheless I did not impute their Sins unto You, neither have I numbered them unto their Children, neither will I, but = every Man shall suffer for his own Sins.”  ~ And he called unto many and Taught them many Excellent Things, and Commanded them to go forth and Publish this Doctrine unto all People wheresoever he shall send Them, even the glad Tidings of Peace and Salvation, to as many as Believed on the Name of him that sent them, and received his Law, and Obeyed it promising to be with them from thenceforth forever and Evermore —— ——— And the Lord said unto me, “behold I have shewed Thee all these Things, that thou mightest make them known unto the People of this Land, for I have determined to do unto this place according to all that thou hast seen, therefore now write these things in a Book, that if there be any that will hear, and Understand, and Repent, and be Converted (if they are not) that I may heal them and Save them from the great hour of Temptation which cometh on all Flesh.” ~ But I said in my Heart, “O Lord wherefore Should I write these things in a Book, for is not this the New Covenant Dispensation, and is not the great Teacher come, who said he would Teach his People himself and there may be no more Occasion for any Man to teach his Neighbour, or his Brother the knowledge of the Lord, for have not all Men known Thee, from the least to the greatest, is not the true Light come into the World, and hath it not Shined in every Mans Heart, Enlightening every Man that cometh into the World, that through it they might believe, and Believing receive Power to become the Sons of God, and if Men refused the Teacher that came down from Heaven, and his Holy Light in their own Hearts, how then will they hear me, who am but a Youth, and a Stripling, one of Low Degree,” and the Lord said unto me, “all these things are true, and many more also Nevertheless that which I have Commanded thee to Write, write, for I will be clear of the Blood of all Men, and leave them without excuse, and because People are forsaking their Measure of the Grace of God, and departing from the Holy Light of Jesus in their own Hearts there still remains a necessity to Prophesy, and Preach the Gospel — and inasmuch as thou hast seen many Candlesticks whose Candles were almost forsaken the Light of their Salvation, and are near to be left in Darkness,, and as thou sawest some left quite in Darkness, so there are some People who are in a State of Nature, which is a State of Darkness, and although the True Light hath Shined in every one of their Hearts, yet they would not receive it nor Comprehend it, but chose rather to follow the foolish Imaginations of their own Wicked Hearts, and as thou sawest some Golden Candlesticks with bright Candles in them,, even so also there are some People who are in a larger Degree of Perfection and Holiness, and as Gold exceedeth Silver, Silver Brass and Brass Iron, so are some People more purified than Others, and are further proceeded in the Work of their Souls Salvation, and as thou sawest Judgment was to Continue until none appeared remaining but of pure Gold, with Lights burning in them, neither shall my Judgments depart from this Land until all the Inhabitants thereof learn Righteousness, yet Nevertheless I will call in Mercy unto this People, whether they will hear, or forbear, and if anyone hear my Voice, and opens unto me, I will have Mercy on him, and his Candlestick shall not be removed in mine Anger, for I declare to the World this Day, that I Desire not the Death of him that Dieth, nor that the Sinner should Die in his Sins, whereby the kingdom of Satan may be advanced, for I Created Man for a purpose of my own Glory, and have Visited all Men with the Light of the Son of my Bosom for the Completion thereof, and have waited long for the Spiritual return of fallen Mankind, and in the Bowels of tender Mercy, have sent forth my Servants and Hand maids whom I have known, to invite them who have gone Astray to return unto me and repent and flee from the Wrath which is to come upon them which Die in their Sins, for I have no Pleasure in the Destruction of my Creatures which I have made, neither is Mans Destruction of me, but of himself and that not through Ignorance, but hardness of Heart and Unbelief, for I have been Gracious to all People whereby they might have known me and been at Peace, and I have handed forth the offers of my Salvation without respect of persons, Nevertheless if any Man whom I have called receive not the offers thereof, and will not return at my reproof, I will be just in Judgment without respect of Persons —— Therefore fear not thou to write these things in a Book, and publish them in thy Native Country, and if any one hear thee, and return unto me then thou hast not Laboured in Vain, but if no Man will hear thee, nor that which thou hast Written, Neither then hast thou Laboured in Vain,, but hast done the Will of him that sent thee, and thou shall have the Reward of Peace, and if thou remainest Faithful, and holdest out to the end, I will remain with thee, and receive thee up at the Last Day.” ———After these things I was Silent before the Lord for a time, but hence forth durst not Question with him any more, for his Word was as a Fire, and as an Hammer in mine Heart, and I was broken before him, and humbled with his Goodness, and my Heart was opened, and Fingers loosed to write, to shew forth to the World that which I have seen in the Light of the Lamb — and be it known to all People to whom these few Lines may come, that Notwithstanding things of this Nature at this time are something uncommon amongst Men, yet I Dare not Distrust the Wisdom of Heaven, nor Disobey the Commands thereof, nor be so much Byassed by any Thing Carnal, as to hide the Revelation of the Son of God, as shall answer the same at the peril of my Soul ——

                        A Copy

Written by Isaac Child of the Province of Pennsylvania in the 7th month 1757



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