The Names of Friends in the Ministry who came from England, Ireland & ce to Visit America before Pennsylvania was settled, as also since it was so Named. —— Altho’ Their Lives were counted Madness, and their latter End without Honour, They will be Numbered among the Children of God, and their Lot will be among the Saints.  Wisdom 5th 4th & 5th ver  The Righteous shall be had in Everlasting Remembrance and they that turn many to Righteousness shall shine as the Stars forever and ever. ~ These bright and Glorious Stars of the first Magnitude, being placed in the Firmament of Gods Power were made the Happy Instruments of Guiding many to the Knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, where they had with thankful Hearts to worship the Lamb of God that takes away the Sins of the World, and offer to him sweet Incense and Praise forever ~~~



Mary Fisher and Ann Austin


Mary Clark and Josiah Coale London


William Robinson*, Marmaduke Stevenson* & John Taylor        * Martyrs


George Wilson, Elizabeth Hooten, Joan Blokesup & Catharine Chatham    London



John Taylor 2nd time (Ann Robinson, Oswell heritage (both died in Jamaica) Lydia Oates Mary Tomkins, Alice Ambrose


John Burnyeat


John Burnyeat the 2nd Time ——


George Fox, William Edmundson, Robert Widders, John Stubbs, James Lancaster, George Pattison, Solomon Eccles, John Cartwright, Thomas Briggs, John Hull, John Rowen, William Baily, Elizabeth Hooten 2nd time & Eliz Miers


William Edmundson 2nd Time —


Thomas Curwin & Alice his Wife —


Thomas Fletcher and John Haydock


Joan Vokings and Sarah Clark


William Penn. and James Martin


William Edmundson 3d Time


James Martin 2d Time


John Halton


Thomas Wilson and James Dickinson


Thomas Musgrove


Robert Barrow and Robert Wandell


Henry Payton, Jonathan Tyler, James Dickinson 2d Time | Jacob Fallowfield —


William Ellis, Aaron Atkinson, Thomas Chalkley, Thomas Turner, Mary Rogers and Elizabeth Webb ——


Roger Gill and Thomas Story


John Salkield, Sarah Clement, Thomas Thompson, Josiah Langdale, John Estaught & John Richardson


 — Samuel Bownas —


Thomas Turner 2d Time, James Gaster, Mary Bannister and Mary Elleston —


John Fothergill & William Amstead


Samuel Wilkinson & Patrick Henderson


William Baldwin


Thomas Wilson 2d Time, James Dickinson 3d Time, Thomas Thompson 2d Time, Josiah Langdale 2d Time, William Armstrong, James Graham, Benjamin


—— Benjamin Holmes


John Davison, Isaac Hadwin, John Oxley, Lydia Lancaster, Elisa Rawlins, Rebecca Turner


John Appleton, John Fothergill 2d Time, Lawrence King & Margaret Pain ——


Benjamin Kidd


Abigail Bowles


William Piggot


Joshua Fielding, Joseph Taylor, Rowland Wilson


Samuel Bownas 2d Time


John Richardson 2d Time, Paul Johnson and Henry Franklin


Mungo Bewley, Samuel Stevenson, Alice Anderson, Margaret Cowpland & Hannah Dent


John Burton, William Backhouse, Joseph Gill


Edward Tyley, John Fothergill 3d Time Ruth Courtney, Susanna Hudson, John Hunt


Edmund Peckover, John Haslam, Samuel Hopwood & Christopher Wilson —


Eleazer Skeldon


Thomas Gawthrop & Samuel Nottingham


Jonah Thompson & Mary Weston      Samuel Fothergill, Mary Peasly and Catharine Payton, Joshua Dixon ——


Thomas Gawthrop 2d Time  Christopher Wilson 2d Time, John Hunt 2d Time James Tasker ——


Samuel Spavold


William Rickett, Mary Kirby & John Stover


George Mason, Susanna Halton, & Jane Crosfield


Robert Proud & John Stevenson


Hannah Harris  Eliza Wilkinson & Alice Hall who Died in Philadelphia


John Hunt 3d Time, William Rickett 2d Time


John Griffith, William Hunt from Carolina and Abigail Pike —


Thomas Gawthrop 3d Time


William Hunt 2d Time


Rachel Wilson from Kendall


Joseph Oxley from Norwich, Saml Neale from Ireland


William Hunt 3d Time & proceeded to England Timothy Davis & Patience Brayton from N England


Sarah Jenkins, Mehetabel Jenkins from ditto


Mary Leaver, Eliza Robinson & Robert Walkin


Thomas Gawthrop the 4th Time ——



Copy of a Letter from Susanna Morris to the Quarterly Meeting of Friends in Philadelphia wrote on Sea, between England and Freisland the 5th of the 3d month 1730 ——

Dear Friends —

                        My Love in him, who in Times past hath gladded us together is to you, and I do hereby Acknowledge your great Love and Regard towards me in sending me a Certificate, and signing it with Hands so plentifully, and was glad to find so many of our Friends in Health to be at that Meeting.  Tho’ since have been made Sorry to hear of the Churches great Loss by the Removal of some amongst you who were serviceable in their Day.  But Friends, it is a Comfort when we consider that God is the same in his Power that ever he was, and therefore yet able to raise up those that may make up The Loss amongst his People, if there is but a humble Willingness enough amongst you to do Service for the Truth, for oh’ my dear Brethren and Sisters in the Lord, let me freely say unto you, that a Willingness Truly come to in ourselves, is a great Means towards Carrying on of Truth.  Work either at Home or abroad for God doth not always compel his Servants to serve him, but his Way is by the Spirit of Truth, to lead and guide into all Truth, in order to the carrying on of his own Work, and I may say it is good for all the Children of Men to join with him, that so the Will of the Living God may be done indeed by us all in our Day and Age, is my Desire sincerely, That so we may not be like many in the World, who say at Times the Lords Will be done, but when drawn or required to Act or do any Service for the Lord, Then, Oh’, by Nature how prone are we to do our own Wills.  But my Friends, let it not be so with you, but get into a True Willingness and then the Lord will carry on his own Work, through and amongst you as he hath already begun.  Blessed be his Holy Name. ~~ And dear Friends I have great Cause to think that the Visiting of Families is a good Work, if gone about in the Love of God, and the Simplicity of Truth.  Then it certainly makes against Satans Kingdom, and for the Kingdom of our dear Lord, and a Help for the good of Souls — Also that of Evening Meetings, where the Love of God is felt and enjoyed many Times. — But in some Places where my lot hath been cast, I have found to my Grief, that old Self had been at Work, and Satan joining with it, hath thrown down such Service, and such Meetings, and truth’s Enemies will hinder the true Service of all our Meetings where they are not watched against, and wherever such Things have prevailed, the Truth is at a low Ebb, and much burdened, and the Good in People Captivated, and there is too much of that at Work in all Parts where I have been, yet Blessed be the Lord, he hath a People that Love to wait upon him to feel the fresh Incomes of his Love as often as They can, and thereby they are kept living to Glorify the great Lord and Heavenly Master of his own Assemblies. ~ And my dear Friends, I am thankful when I call to Mind the fresh and True Love, that is amongst you at Times, and that it may more and more abound amongst you is my Desire and in Order that it may be so to the End of Time both with you and me, oh Pray for me, and that I may be enabled to Watch against that of Self for may not we believe, and say to our Sorrow, that Self is the greatest Friend that Satan hath to hurt the Church, Yea many Ways, wherefore dear Friends watch against Self, that you may be still fitted and filled with that which helps to do Service for Truth both at Home and abroad, and then the Lord will yet Delight to Comfort you in your respective Meetings, which I can truly say, is my Desire for you, as for myself, that so we may love to meet together to wait for that good Reward, as often as we can both on Week and first Days — And in your Meetings when it is well with you, Oh’ my dear Friends then pray for me, that I may be kept in the Way of my Duty, and return to my Home in true Peace and amongst you again, for my Desire is for you in Pennsylvania, that the God of Peace may preserve you in his pure Peace, to do Service for him, who is Great and Greatly Worthy thereof forever and evermore — This presents to you my dear Brethren and Sisters from me your Friend

                                Susanna Morris ———


                I am now in Holland at a Place called Horn, and intend to morrow to Amsterdam to meet Mary Ellerton, who was in Pennsylvania many Years since, and is now here on Truths Account —— Farewel


Some Memorable Passages of the Suffering of Charles and Thomas Lloyd of Delobran and others in the Year 1679 —

In this Year the new Act was in force, and many turned to be Informers.  Justice Morris came to be an Informer himself, and Writs were issued forth, given to the Sheriff, who distrained upon Charles Lloyd, Thomas Lloyd, T Marshall and others, and took what they could find of their Cattle.  The said Friends sought a Replevin intending to traverse the Case and to get Home the Cattle till the Next Assize.  C & T Lloyd sent two Men upon two good Horses to Replevin the Cattle.  They went to this Morris, and shewed their Power, and he took them to the Cattle which were on the other side of the River by his House in a Meadow.  When he had them there he took both Horses from them and sent them away, he being Justice of Peace in both Counties.  The other side the River was in Denbighshire — the two Horses were well worth Twenty Pounds Sterling and in a few Day afterwards, as the said Justice was going from one Place to the other on one of these Horses, the Horse Stumbled in entering a small River near his House, and fell off, and was drowned before his own Door.  This Warrant was then with the Deputy Sheriff to Distrain upon us in Llannwyddun, and we expected their coming every Day, some that were faithless and fearful continued some shift to sell some, and to put the rest under the Mark of their Landlord  The Sheriffs Wife was very earnest with her Husband to make Hay while the Sun shined for it was thought the Writs that were Issued forth, if not soon served would be void when the Term should expire, which made her eager together with the Profit from so many Cows that her Husband brought, but on the Day he intended to come to Distrain our Goods, he was taken with a Lone Fit in the Morning, his Man was sent with all Speed to Thomas Lloyd which was about three Miles off, to get something for him, but Doctor Lloyd was not at Home to go with the Man, nor to give him any Thing, but a little after the Man returned the Sheriff died in his Chair.  Had T Lloyd been at Home then, and given him something, perhaps some might have entertained ill Thoughts of him, however he had the Warrant in his Packet when he died, intending that Morning before the Fit took him to come and execute it upon us; the Night before, my Wife was Milking the Cows, saying to us, I do not know whether I may ever have them to milk again or not.  The first News I heard was of his Burial, and supposed that the Hand of God was in it, Working our Deliverance.  Therefore I set it down amongst my Memorials ~~~



Some Serious Reflections extracted from a Letter of John Humphrey to Thomas Lloyd in Prosperity and Adversity, the Safety of the Latter, and Danger that may attend the former, supposed to be wrote at the Time of George Heiths Separation ~~

Worthy and beloved Friend —

                                                When I call to Remembrance the former Days, after we were Illuminated, we suffered a great Fight of Afflictions, being made a gazing Stock, both by Reproaches & Afflictions while we were Companions to them that were so used, we took joyfully the Spoiling of our Goods, the taking & Confining our Bodies in Goals & Poisons, laying long Nights in the Winter Season, upon the base Ground sometimes without any Repose, going to Meetings as with our Lives and all that we had in our Hands, being made willing to sacrifice every Thing if the Lord called us thereunto.  Oh’ The joy and Consolation, our Souls enjoy’d in these Tribulations, none could take it from us, our Adversaries were our Judges and Legislators, and those that spoiled us, thought they did God good Service, yet our joy remained entire, which assured us that the Promise of Christ was made good unto us, — Well, we were Delivered from that outward Trouble, and Transplanted into another Soil, where we supposed our Judges were restored as of old, and our Counsellors as at the Beginning, putting us on the Stage to represent Gods Life and Light to the View of the World, having our Meetings at our own Leisure, and the Laws at our own Pleasure in a plentiful Country where the Lord giveth us the former and the latter Rain, and the Appointed Seasons of our Harvest, all enjoying their own Labour and none to make us afraid.  What could we desire more?  but Alas, what awaiteth all this now, whilst a dead Fly marreth our Ointment, so that the Virgins cannot be rejoiced in our Meetings by Reason of Railing and Scoffing and provoking to Anger and not to Love, which proves for the Worse, not for the better, the Disorder therein appears to exceed not only the Bounds of Christianity, but of the very Heathens in their Solemn Assemblies.  The uncivil Treatment, Thou in particular received at the Quarterly Meeting from the opposite Party, and the Disorder of the Discourse that passed there, brought fresh to my Remembrance the Manner and Method of the Discourse at Llannwyllin between thee and the Bishop of Saint Agaph, which was carried on by their Side with far more Modesty, Gravity, Deliberation, and Sobriety than what thou received from GK and his Party, although the Council Hall was full of all sorts of People, The Bishop and his Train of Priests of all Ranks, a full Bench of Knights, and Squires of several Thousand a year, all the Gentry from Town and Country, the Vulgar of all sorts, which filled up the Hall, to the utmost — I was standing behind Thy Back at the Stage, where I could survey the whole Multitude I dare say from my Knowledge that for two Days together while the Discourse continued, I have not seen or heard any uncivil Word, railing or reviling, neither did the Bishop permit, as thou well knowest, any of the Priests or People to speak one Word save Dean Humphrey (now as I hear Bishop of Bangor) and that outlandish Disputant which Bishop Lloyd called upon to manage the Dispute against thee and thy Brother only the Clerks and Lawyers made it their Business to take up the Heads and the Syllogisms in order for the Press — However as thou knowest, there was so much Modesty and Morality amongst them, as to bridle their Tongues Tho’ they had Power to say and do as they pleased upon the whole at the Conclusion, it was agreed that the Dispute should not be published ——— Under these Considerations I wonder at G Keith that with all his Arts and Parts he cannot bridle his Tongue.  I beheld him the other Day with a single Eye and out of all Prejudice, and he appeared to me armed with the Strong Mans Armour, having his Quiver full of the fierce Darts of the Evil one, elevated with Passion and Fury, above the Witness of God in himself — Cavilling and Quarrelling, making so many needless Distinctions about the engrafted Word which is able to save the Soul, and is the same yesterday to Day and forever. ~~ The Drift of my Scribbling to thee at this Time is, to impart my present Reflections, by comparing the present with the Times past, — Times of Suffering and Times of Governing, the Safety of the one, and the Danger of the other, I look upon Government to the Followers of Jesus a high Pinnacle where possibly Satan may be permitted to Transfer Them to the Top thereof, and from thence Shew Them The World and its Glory, which they could not behold from the Low Valley of Affliction when Self was of no Reputation, having no Power to defend themselves but leaning entirely on the Breast of their Beloved, O these Jarrings in our Meetings, how they bereave us of the Joy and Comfort that our Enemies formerly could not deprive us of — by these Ponderings I am so troubled, and my Spirits so overwhelmed within me, I am ready to cast myself under the shady Trees, amongst the creeping Worms, and say to the small Ant buried in the Dust, Thou art my Brother, and to the Turtle Dove which groaneth further Mate, thou art my Sister —

                        From thy poor Friend and Brother, who desires to make his Abode, in the true Integrity while here.    J Humphrey ~~~


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