On Musick by Robert Jordan ——

All Nature shews the Power, Wisdom and Benignity of the Blessed Author, by its Consistence, Harmony and the vast variety of Objects delightful to our Senses; The particular Species of Animals are disposed to consort together apart from other Animals for Mutual Preservation & every one being a Spy for himself and the rest they having peculiar Sounds and Notes for Assembling when separated by any Accident, and for Sharing in Anxiety and Joy.  The whole Animal Creation are subjected to the Power and Disposition of Man, destined to his Use and Pleasure, with this single Restriction that he do not abuse them ~~~~

Being thus richly Provided that he may Effectually Discharge his Trust and Duty, he hath Grace added to Reason to enliven and refine it, and give him a relish of Pleasure as much above the Animals who act only by Instinct as his Creation is more Noble, and his End more Glorious — Happy in himself and a Blessing to Society, being instructed in the Souls Immortality, and so led to the frequent Contemplation of the Great Goodness himself, who sets in his View, and Interests him in a World of Happiness yet to come of the Perfection of which he is able to Comprehend but little, yet that little is abundantly sufficient to Inspire his Mind with humble Gratitude and Attributes of Praise to his Benign Author, and it is neither the Harmony nor the Musick of Nature or Art that can at any Time prepare us for this ~ The Wisest of Kings and of Men had them all in Perfection Yet he cries Vanity of Vanity & ~

It is Grace alone that prepares and disposeth the Heart to Commemorate the Manifold favours of Divine Providence with Thanksgiving and Voice of melody whether external or Internal to the Glory of God, and his own Solace and Satiety of Soul ~~~

A good Conscience is indeed the only Source of Chearfulness and Joy, Yet Man by all his Power is no more able (at Will) to stir up the Ideas of the Principal and most Worthy Object of his Love and Delight Than he can possess his Mind of the Practical Principles of Piety and Virtue which constitute a good Conscience — but whenever his Mind is inspired with the Light and Love of God which is a Speciman of Heaven he then needs not Musick, either Natural Vocal or Instrumental to quicken and enliven his Senses to divert his Mind, to calm his Passions and chase away evil and Melancholy Thoughts he will then look down on these as Means below his Senses —— In short I think Musick is used for Purposes which it can never Answer for it is the Splenatick, the Passionate, The Melancholy, The Jealous which alone are supposed to need such a Means, and are never bettered by it — Witness the Case of Saul whom David applied these Means Constantly unto ~  I command Therefore Retirement, suitable Actions, and Virtuous, and Agreeable Conversation by turns, which will afford a much better Relief from excess of Study — sorrow and Care, much better becomes the rational Creature Man, and is more worthy the Christian Profession ~




A Dream, dreamed by Michael Worrine of Ireland, Aged 13 or 14 years ~~~

I beheld the Sun was risen and was exceeding Broad and Clear, and I saw several Antient Friends of whom I had read, particularly George Fox in the Sun, all were of like Colour with the Sun, only they were discernable like Shapes of Men in it —— And I thought as soon as I beheld George Fox, and had seen him who were walking up and down in the Sun, Also again I beheld the Sun as Thick with Men as it possibly could be, all in one Apparel and one Colour with the Sun, but I had not long beheld, considering So wonderful a Sight untill the Sun was covered with little Motes and Hillocks of Earth and spots of mixed Colours working Therein. — The Body of the Sun and Dust flying up and down in a Wonderful Manner and considering what it could mean I beheld that all the Place where the Motes and Hillocks had been was quickly covered over with Blood.  Then I saw a Man come up and sprinkle it over with clean Water until it was quite purified as before, and then I was in it, and it never decreased more, for while the Spots were in it it decreased to the bigness of a full Moon, and the Light thereof was like to a dull full Moon, but when it arose it had the Light of many Suns, and was as broad as many Suns.

And now it waxed greater than in the Beginning and never set nor decreased at all — and thus I awoke And falling asleep again in the same Night, I Dreamed I saw George Fox and told him what I had seen concerning him, he after a little Pause told me the Interpretation was as followeth ~~~~~~~~

The Sun that rose so bright was the Gospel, they who were in it was the Church of Christ that was Redeemed from the Earthly Corruptions and had their Garments made clean in the Blood of Christ, whereas the Sun was very Spotty with Clods of Earth, so shall Riches bear Sway in the Hearts of some, and by that Truth shall be much lost, and the upper Side of the Sun where the Spots were most, was loadened and Whereas the Spots were turned into Blood, So the Lord shall scourge the Possession of it into earthly Mindedness, and as the Sun was purified washing it with Water, so shall the Gospel also never decrease



Copy of a Letter from NW to his Aunt

Dear Aunt             London 22nd, 1st mo 1764

                        I have entertained an Opinion that it is my Duty by this Opportunity to write a few Lines to Thee for whom I have a very great Regard, I am sensible Thou hast undergone a great deal of Affliction, and been wounded with the most piercing Sorrow, which has rendered it highly Necessary for thee to sum up all Thy Fortitude and Patience to bear up under them — There is something implanted in us by our Heavenly Father which excites our Grief for the Death of our Friends and Relations, and that in Proportion to the Affection and Esteem we have for them.  This is a Natural Principle, and by no Means Inconsistent with Christianity, but as the Dispensations of Providence are always founded in the Highest Wisdom, it is Undoubtedly our Duty to Submit to Them with Patience and Resignation, and to say “Thy Will be done, O Father without Murmuring, I am Conscious Dear Aunt, that it is a hard task for Flesh and Blood, but nevertheless if every Thing is considered that we were born to Trouble,, That we are placed here in a State of Probation, and must necessarily expect to meet with Tryals, we shall then plainly perceive that we suffer nothing more than what we fall Heirs to as Men, and of Course ought to be satisfied with our Lot, but this is not all, let us consider the Gracious Promises of our dear Lord the Blessed Redeemer of Mankind who says “Come unto me all ye that Labour and are heavy laden and I will give you Rest” and again, Blessed are they that Mourn for they shall be comforted, these are gracious Promises for which we can never be enough Thankful, and which ought to chear up the Drooping Spirit of the Afflicted Christian, who by Applying to the great Physician of Souls will find Relief and Comfort in their most Fiery Tryals, let us not then despair, but put on an implicit Faith in him that is Faith itself, and cannot, nor never has deviated from his Blessed Promise, but will always be with his Children and People — I thank God the Father of all our Mercies, for that he has been pleased to Visit my poor Soul and convince me of the Errors of my Conduct, and I hope that I shall be enabled, by his Blessed Assistance to Experience a Redemption from the Things of this wicked World, for really the more I see of its Vanities, the more empty they appear to me, and altogether incapable of affording any solid Satisfaction, chear up and rejoice for the Time is drawing nigh when Everlasting Joy will be assigned to those who have Fought the good Battle of Faith and have wore the Cross with Resignation and Patience — Amen                ——— NW




Copy of a Letter from MP to W Brown —

Dear Friend —      Paddock 2nd of ye 2nd mo 1752

                        As I am not like according to thy Request and my Inclination to have the Satisfaction of seeing thee at Fosgray, I take this Opportunity of Saluting thee by a Line in that Love which nearly United our Spirits at our first seeing each other, yea before I be held thee with my Natural Eyes a Prayer was begotten in my Soul that thou might be made an instrument of Good to me, (from a known Sense of the Need I had to be brought forward in the way of Truth and Righteousness) which Petition I have Cause to believe was heard and accepted by the great I am, for Thou wast not only dipped into a Sense of my State and Sympathy with me by which thou art made the Messenger of Consolation to my Distressed Spirit.  But thy exemplary Deportment, steady Conduct, solid and edifying Conversation, sound and pertinent doctrine to the States of the People I have seen Thee Labour amongst has incited me to use my weak Endeavours for coming up faithfully in the footsteps of the Flock of the companions of Christ, and Resolutions have been formed which I trust by the Favour of Heaven will be Supported to practice greater Degree of Mortification and Self Denial than I have ever yet done for I see great Occasion for it ——~ I write not this to exalt the Creature, or flatter my Friend, but to Magnify that Grace by which thou art What Thou art, and to Contribute my Mite to the Strengthening of thy Hands in the Way of Well Doing as I am led to believe the Strongest some times have Need of it, but perhaps I only Judge by Myself, whom am at Times ready to faint in my Mind from a Fear, that I shall never be made a Conqueror over those potent Enemies which oppose my Happiness, for I have compared my Immortal Spirit to a kind of immaterial Fire That so Continually catching at or fastening on something Celestiall or Terrestial and which ever It centers in it may justly be called an Inhabitant of, and as Natural a Tendency it has to fix on earthly Objects (That are continually assailing it Convey’d thereto by the Organs of my Senses) as Iron cast into the Water has to sink, but that Power by which the Prophet caused The Ax to swim, its efficacious Operations on the Soul, may be compared to the Touches of the Loadstone on Iron, which Attracts it upwards contrary to its Natural Position, so as my Soul ready to do when I wait not carefully for the Renewings of that Power by which we are Translated from the Kingdom of Darkness to that of Light, but so painful and frequent are the Operations of the Sword of the Spirit when it comes to sever my Soul from the Spirit of the World (for which it has so great an Aptitude) and to divide Asunder as between Joints and Marrow, Those things which by Nature I am most closely Attatched to it makes me weary of this embodied State of Imperfection, wherein I am torn as between (two) Heaven and Earth, To that I often long to be dissolve, and be with Christ, and tho’ this Desire seems to carry in it something laudable, inasmuch as it shews my Union with the Eternal Excellency to be stronger than all the Ties of Nature, yet I am ready to fear that in Part this longing takes its Rise from the Corrupt Source of Self Love which would lead me to seek an Exemption from Pain and Trials before I had filled up in my Body that which is behind of the Suffering of Christ, for myself and others, but I hope it is excusable, as our Holy Pattern has left us the Example when about to partake of, or had begun to taste that bitter Cup of Suffering for the Sins of the World, Prayed earnestly and repeatedly that if it was possible it might pass from him, but comes to This Noble Result, which all his Followers that are so in reality must be brought to, Viz “Not my Will but Thine be done” surely Never did Nature and Grace exert themselves in so Powerful a Manner, each striving for Mastery as in that awful Period of Time when the Salvation of Mankind was at Stake, dependant upon the Obedience of the Son to his Father, when Christ was Wounded for our Transgressions, bruised for our Iniquities, and the Chastisement of our Peace was upon him, when he felt the Terrors of his Father for Sin, who knew no Sin, when the Sword of Gods Indignation and Justice (which must be appeased by an Offering adequate to his Nature, pure and without Spot or Blemish of his own preparing) pierced his Soul, he might well drop that emphatical Sentence, Now is my Soul troubled and what shall I say (as if he had been afraid to let that Petition escape his Lips, which Nature sinking under the Weight of Appression and Apprehensions of future Misery had Naturally dictated, well befitting a Son that had never Offended his Parent) Father, said he, Save me from this Hour (Grace immediately recalls the Request when he Remembered the End of his coming in that Holy prepared Body, which was our Salvation)  But for this Cause came I unto this Hour —— What could be grievous to his Manhood that he did not Suffer at his Birth a manger, a Place for Beasts was his Reception, nor did the Ungrateful World afford him much better through the Course of his painful Pilgrimage, for tho’ the Foxes had Holes, and the Birds of the Air Nests, he had no Place whereon to lay his Head. —— Set at Nought by the then visible Church and High Professors of Religion, a People who had received the Oracles of God, Betrayed by one Disciple, denied by Another, forsaken of them all, and left to tread the Wine press alone in the most trying Hour, when the Wonderful Bloody Sweat was produced, they Slept, and then were Scattered from him when he came to suffer the Painful Ignominious Death of the Cross, between two Thieves as a Deceiver —— Many followed him, Crying Hosanna when he rode in Triumph, but none desirous to be his Companions now all his Acquaintance (and even these Women, the most tender by Nature) that had followed him from Galilee stood now afar off.  ~ O, My Soul treasure up These Things in thy Remembrance with this additional Obligation, that all this was in part for thy Sake, without which thou must have been Irretrievably lost, in the Realms of Woe, a Fugitive and Vagabond driven from the Presence of thy God, rejoice then in thy Tribulations and count it all Joy when Thou falls into divers Temptations or Trials for the finishing of thy Faith in Christ.  ~~ I hope thou will excuse my dwelling long on this Subject, of a Truth it is a favorite Theme, which I think I can never too much preponder, it is therefore Needless (and I recall the Expression) to beg Excuse for that which is so lawful and suitable that it will be a part of the employ of Seraphick Spirits to all Eternity to admire and Celebrate the Mystery of Redeeming Love, Saying, with a loud Voice Worthy is the Lamb that was Slain to receive Power and Riches, and Wisdom, and Strength, Honour and Glory and Blessing to him that Sitteth upon the Throne and to the Lamb forever and ever ~~~

It is time for me to draw to a conclusion, which I Shall do with hearty Desires for thy Preservation every Way, and Prosperity of the Glorious Work Thou art engaged in, hoping Thou will remember poor me when it fares well with thee, and please to let me hear from thee, if Freedom and Leisure permit, but shall leave this and all Things of the kind to the Direction of our great and good Master, not laying thee under any Restraint but Love, well knowing the Various Engagements that must necessarily engross thy Time and Attention ———

I am with true Love, in which our Family joins me, thy assured well wishing Friend and poor little Sister

                                In the Fellowship of the Gospel

                                                Mary Peasly


Copy of a Letter from MP to F Parvin

Respected Friend

                        I have read and considered thy Letter and cannot help thinking the Temper of Mind Thou discovers, deserves some Encouragement, which I am willing to give as far as in my Power, and in the first Place would make a Remark to thee, without the least design to lessen Paternal Authority or filial Obedience,, so far as they are either lawful or expedient, the Remark is this, that divers of the Parents of this Age have bent their Thoughts and desires too much to Earth, to have a clear distinct Discerning of the Times and Seasons in a Spiritual Sense, and the Sacred Purposes of him whose Wisdom is remarkable And Ways past finding out by all the Penetration of finite Understanding Uninfluenced by his own Eternal Light, and even then we see and know but in part not fully while here, but some of us have believed and seen in the Vision of Light, that the Day of Gospel Light which has dawned will rise higher and higher until the Thousand Years in which Christ is to Reign on Earth be come, and tho’ some Clouds may at times intercept its Beauty and Brightness, as hath Sorrowfully been the Case amongst us as a People who have been highly favoured, or rather the Earth has got between many and the Sun, and brought an Eclipse which has been almost total, over their Understandings, who might have shone brightly as in a borrowed Light, which all do who are Stars in the Firmament of God’s Power Designed by him to give Light to the dark World, And tho’ I have not the least intention to derogate from the real Worth of those honourable Sons of the Morning who were made Instrumental in a great Degree to break down the Partition Wall of diabolical Structure which carnal selfish Men had erected and set as between the People and the Sun of Righteousness. ~ I am not afraid to say and give it under my Hand, that it was and is the Design of God that his People in future Ages should make an Improvement in Their Labours, and carry the Reformation even further than they did, and notwithstanding a Night of Apostacy has come over us as a People, as Day and Night naturally succeed each other in their Season, and God keeps his Covenant with both, I am of the Judgement that the Day has begun to dawn in which the Sun of Righteousness will rise higher and with greater Lustre than heretofore and if those who are called of God to be Sons of this Morning look back to the Night, and to them who have Slept and been drunken in the Night by sipping of the Golden Cup of Abominations, or even to the latter Day, They will frustrate the Design of Providence respecting Them tho’ those who would be called his Israel be not gathered, and I am of the Faith that when the Gospel has first been Preached to them as it is meet it should.  Such as count themselves unworthy of so great Salvation will be left, and the Feet of the messengers will be turned another Way even to the Highways and Hedges, with a Power of Compulsive Love which will prevail on the Halt, the Maimed and the Blind to come to the Marriage of the Kings Son, and by coming they shall be made Strong, Beautiful and Lovely, as a Bride Adorned for her Heavenly Husband, who shall not look to the Things that are behind, but press forward towards the Mark for the Prize of the High Calling of God in Christ, following no Mans Example further than they follow him, and what if I say in the Faith which is given me that God has designed to carry some of this Generation in these Parts of the World higher and farther in Righteousness than their Forefathers were carried, even such as were Honourable in their Day, and are fallen asleep in Christ, and let them take heed that they limit not the Holy One of Israel nor Circumscribe the Leadings of his Blessed unerring Spirit by looking too much at the Examples of others, for this has been the Means of stopping the gradual Progression of many glorious and well begun Reformations, instead of going forward they have looked back and even sunk below the Standard of the first Reformers. ~ and such as will be happy Instruments to Labour for a Reformation in this Degenerate Age must differ in their Trials from the former, and will find them to be of a more severe and piercing kind than theirs were from the World and such as they might reasonably expect them from, tho’ not exempt from false Brethren, as will chiefly arise from those under the same Profession cloaked with the disguised Spirit of the World, and that amongst them of the foremost Rank so called in the Society, and what if I say, Tho’ my Natural Eyes may not see it, that God will divide in Jacob and scatter in Israel before that Reformation is brought about in his Church which he designs ~ And now in Regard to the Matter proposed by thee, I shall answer briefly without entering into the Debates on either Side And say that I am of the Judgment that if thou stands Single and Upright in thy Mind from all the false Biasses of Nature and Interest, stopping thine Ears from all the Artifices and Pretexts of Self Love, with all the fallacious Reasonings of Flesh and Blood, and the subtil  Whisperings of an unwearied Enemy, thou wilt find it more safe to suffer with the People of God, than to enter in or undertake doubtful Things, and especially when thou considerist the use that has or may be made of that Tax ——~ I had not the least View when I took up my pen of enlarging in the Manner I have done, but felt my Mind unexpectedly opened and feel a perfect freedom to allow thee to shew this to such of Thy Acquaintance as may be in like Situation with thyself, that is, undetermined, not that I want to expose this Scribble with any other View than to Strengthen the Minds of the Weak and Wavering, and if it might have the same Service, had rather my Name should be concealed. ~ In a Degree of that Love which seeks the Good of all I conclude Thy Well Wishing Friend,

                                                        Mary Peisley




Some Expressions dropped from Mordecai Yarnall to his Children a short Time before his Death


I believe it to be my Duty as it was a Command given to good Israel of old to exhort his Children by the Fireside, and to tell of the loving kindness of God to my Soul, during my Pilgrimage on Earth, that through the various Changes it has been my Lot to meet with here, I have ever had a Refuge to fly to, and tho’ I have sometimes had to think how nearly I have been tryed in the greatest Tribulations, even when in the Hands of the Enemy, and separated from the dear and near Connections in Life, yet had Faith to believe the same Divine Hand which had been with me and led me safe thro’ the Peril of Deep Waters, would still continue with me to the end, and my Confidence was so firmly fixed on him that he never suffered it once to fail.  I always thought I should not want, and have now reason to believe I never Shall, He that hath been my Alpha will be my Omega, and my earnest Desire is that you my dear Children may stedfastly place your Trust and Confidence in that same Power which has preserved me, that the Days of your Youth may be devoted to his Service, and tho’ many may be the close Trials that you shall have to meet with in passing along thro’ this World I have to say for your Encouragement that he will never forsake Them That Trust in Him.  He that has delivered out of Six Troubles will not leave in the Seventh therefore let not your Dependance be on any Thing which this World can afford, but in him alone, and he that is the Guide to your Youth will become a Staff for you to lean upon in your advanced Age ~~~




The Substance of some Expressions dropped by our Beloved Friend Thomas Gawthrope on his Departure from This City Philadelphia 12th moth 1777 ——

Master said “Thou came poor among Them, and has been in much Poverty, be content to leave Them so, I have taken their Crown from off their heads, let Them wear Dust and Ashes the appointed Time, then shall their Sun break forth as Brightness and my Glory be their Crown and Diadem”  I am glad I have been amongst you, I’ve seen his Protecting Providence over this City, but the People do not see it.  Neither are they humble and grateful for his Mercy” ~ and to a Friend who accompanied him on board the Vessel, he Expressed his perfect ease of Mind on leaving us, said that he had never felt so much so on leaving America before, and that he was Amazed at the fullness of Divine Income ———


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