Our Backdoor Neighbors

By Frank C. Pellett



page 13
    The stories that follow are the author's personal experiences with the creatures described.  Every illustration is from an original photograph made by the author.  Several years of time and almost unlimited patience have been necessary to secure them.

    Several of the Photographs have already appeared in various magazines, including such well-known publications as Outing, Country Life in America, Forest and Stream, and Guide to Nature.  Some of the stories also have been published in Outing, and the readers of that magazine may recognize the "Chicken Thief," "The Neighborly Screech Owls," and the Red-tail family.  A few of the pictures have also been published in the author's book, Productive Beekeeping.

    This book is given to the public with the hope that these intimate stories of life in the big out-of-doors may lead to a better understanding of the difficulites and dangers that beset the wild creatures, and a more sympathetic relationship with them.

    Frank C. Pellett
    Tamakoche, Atlantic, Iowa
    July 31, 1917

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