Second Flight from Nauvoo

     As you recall, Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were killed in 1844 when a mob stormed the jail in Carthage where they were being held.  The Mormons were shaken, and in a year began to leave Nauvoo.  By May of 1846 the population was leaving at a rapid pace.  Most followed Brigham Young on their long flight to Utah.  The centennial re-enactment of this trek, over 50 years ago, was greeted with curiosity by the citizens of Hamilton.

     DEW writes in the photo album, "Mormons celebrated Centennial of Trek to Utah from Nauvoo by following as nearly as possible the old trail in these autos (40 of them) fixed as ox drawn covered wagons.  Great crowd of cars parked to watch them pass the "Y" at Highways 10 & 96.  I thot they would stop at the stop sign but they sped thru with police escort.  Pictures are therefore speed pictures."  (Highway 10 is now known as US 136.)



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                   Sheffield Daniels